Should Nelson's Column be torn down?

A national newspaper columnist has called for Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square to be pulled down because he was "a white supremacist".

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'He was racist' - Guardian columnist defends call to tear down Nelson's Column

Guardian columnist Afua Hirsch has defended her claim that Nelson's Column should be pulled down - because he was a "white supremacist".

The writer has faced strong criticism since the opinion piece was published in the national newspaper.

But she stands by her views -

"I'm not going to tell people what they should think of Nelson but I would like them to be aware of the fact that he was very comfortable with slavery.

"He would have looked at someone like me as an inferior human being, even at a time when his contemporaries wouldn't have accepted that.

"He was racist."

– Afua Hirsch, The Guardian columnist.
Lord Nelson, at the top of his column in Trafalgar Square. Credit: Press Association Images.


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