Northamptonshire County Council faces "severe financial challenge"

Northamptonshire County Council has been forced to impose emergency spending controls after warning that it faces a "severe financial challenge".

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Crisis-hit council plans further cuts

Protesters outside Northamptonshire County Council. Credit: ITV News Anglia

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Following an extraordinary meeting to discuss its funding crisis, Northamptonshire County Council has set out where it's planning to make even deeper budget cuts.

Even core services like child social care won't escape unscathed. The failed authority has been heavily criticised for not being clear on how exactly it plans to meet even the most basic of its obligations.

And after last night's meeting, many say they're as confused as ever as to how the problem will be dealt with.

Last night councillors held an extraordinary meeting to discuss how to tackle the funding crisis, and what services they can realistically deliver.

Experts have said the situation is unprecedented - just last week spending controls were imposed for the second time this year.

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Calls for mass resignations at cash strapped Northamptonshire Council

Protestors outside Northamptonshire County Council

There are fresh calls tonight for mass resignations at cash strapped Northamptonshire council as the financial crisis starts putting public services at risk.

The Council has already banned almost all new spending and agreed to sell off its recently built headquarters.

The authority is looking to cut around 30 million pounds from next year's budget, but today's vote on the spending plan had to be postponed after auditors said the sums didn't add up.

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