Cliff-top homes on the edge as coastal erosion intensifies

Houses are teetering on the edge of cliffs in Hemsby in Norfolk. Thirteen homes there have been evacuated amid fears they could topple into the sea after the coastal erosion.

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More cliff top homes demolished at Hemsby

More cliff top homes are demolished at Hemsby Credit: ITV Anglia

More cliff top homes have been torn down by demolition workers at Hemsby in Norfolk.

This was the heartbreaking scene this morning as workers raced to flatten the stricken chalets before high tide. Specialists have been brought in to help with the removal of asbestos.

Workers in masks help to clear asbestos from chalets in Hemsby Credit: ITV Anglia

They were among 13 homes teetering on the edge of the cliff since last Saturday.

The beach has been closed as a precaution.

The Mayor of Great Yarmouth thank members of Hemsby Lifeboat Crew for their help with the evacuation of local people Credit: ITV Anglia

The mayor of Great Yarmouth Kerry Robinson-Payne has been to see the devastation for herself and to thank lifeboat crews who have helped with the evacuation of local people.


Demolition work to start on homes hanging off cliffs at Hemsby

One of the properties hanging over the cliff edge at Hemsby. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Five homes at risk of falling off the cliffs and into the sea at Hemsby are to be demolished today.

They are among 13 properties evacuated last weekend after strong winds and high tides eroded the cliffs.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council says the work should be finished before Easter weekend.

The other properties are being closely monitored by the council.

Parts of the property have already fallen onto the beach. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Next week sand will be moved from North Beach at Great Yarmouth where there is a surplus and it will be taken to Hemsby.

The sand will be used to help fill the gap between the beach and the lifeboat shed so the sloping ramp into the beach can be kept.

This ramp will reinstate direct access to the beach so the lifeboat can launch. It will also give access for clean-up crews.

People are being reminded that the beach below the cliffs is dangerous and should be avoided.


Calls for sea defences as Hemsby homes start to topple over cliff

One of 13 homes in danger on the Norfolk coast at Hemsby. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Coastal communities in Norfolk are pleading for Government help to protect their clifftop homes from the sea.

Erosion has left 13 properties in The Marrams, Hemsby on the brink of being swept away, with some already starting to crumble.

Residents have been evacuated and they have called for more funding to provide proper sea defences.

Today more than 4,000 people have signed a petition calling for adequate sea defences for a "unique and cherished place".

"We're hoping the Government would now look at this and get some sort of sea defence through here. If it keeps on like this we've got another road behind us and we'll then have more risk to life as well."

– Daniel Hurd, Hemsby Lifeboat

Norfolk councillor John Fuller, who is the Conservative's National Head of Local Finance and Chair of District Councils, admitted it was a "difficult situation" when it came to responsibility.

He said that in emergency situations like this "it's not the role of the politicians necessarily to interfere".

“There are 13 properties that are now currently uninhabitable with two to three properties expected to topple over the cliff over the next few days."

– Norfolk County Council spokesman
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