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More examples of time-wasting calls to 999

Thousands of non-urgent calls are being made to 999 with examples of people using it to report phone faults and even a fly in an ice-cream.

Despite the introduction of the non-urgent 101 police number, ITV News Anglia has uncovered tens of thousands of non-emergency calls still going to 999.

While overall there has been a slight fall in non-emergency cases dialling 999 between 2010 and 2012, in counties like Essex and Buckinghamshire there's been a slight rise.

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Shocking examples of non-urgent calls to 999

An ITV News Anglia investigation has found 999 police phone lines are still being clogged up with tens of thousands of non-emergency calls, despite the introduction of the new 101 phone line to help tackle the problem.

Among the examples of 999 calls to the emergency services are people asking for a lift home, a man who was reporting that he hadn't received his fast-food order and someone asking to be picked up because he was lost.

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