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Attacker jailed for brutal assault over £20 debt

Police said Burke carried out a nasty, sustained attack Credit: Beds Police

A man from Bedford's been jailed for subjecting a man who owed him £20 to a terrifying ordeal.

Jason Burke, from Cotton End, admitted grievous bodily harm.

Luton Crown Court heard he beat and threatened his victim for four hours in a humiliating attack in October. Burke's been jailed for two years.

The incident took place at a house in Bedford, to which the 44-year-old had tracked his victim down. He forced himself into the property in an aggressive manner and told the victim the £20 he owed him had gone up to £60. He then punched him in the face while shouting and swearing.

Burke threw ornaments at him and hit him over the head with a figurine, causing blood to go everywhere.

As the man tried to escape, he dragged him back, punched and kicked him, attempted to tie him up, lashed him with the zip of a cardigan, spat on him, threatened to urinate on him and hurt his mother. The victim suffered whip marks to his body, shoulders and arms, a gash to his forehead, lumps to his head and a sore jaw.

This was clearly a terrifying ordeal for the victim, which has had a long lasting effect on him.

"Burke humiliated him in a nasty sustained assault which for lasted hours and we’re glad he’s taken been taken off the streets."

– Detective Sergeant Simon Hancock
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