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Family's heartache over son's suicide

In England there is a suicide once every 85 minutes on average, but even more worrying is that in the East, according to Norfolk's coroner William Armstrong, suicide appears to be on the increase.

So concerned is he about the rise in suicides that he organised a special conference to discuss the issue. ITV Anglia's Malcolm Robertson has been to meet a mother who's had to deal with the loss of her son.

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  1. Laura Burns

Bereaved daughter campaigns for law change

A 23-year-old daughter is campaigning for a change in the law after her father died last year.

Rebecca O'Hearn from Ipswich was shocked to find she wasn't eligible for the Government's bereavement payment - a £2,000 one-off benefit to help families cope financially.

The payment is only available to husbands, wives and civil partners. Rebecca says it should be widened to sons and daughters who could be faced with large funeral costs.