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Artificial beaches provide protection for Essex coast

Groynes and artificial beaches provide protection. Credit: ITV Anglia

A £36 million project to protect the Essex Coast is officially finished.

The scheme aims to shield 3000 homes from the erosive power of the sea using groynes as well as a series of artificial beaches stretching from Holland-on-Sea to Clacton.

It has taken a number of months, but those behind the scheme hope it will provide effective sea defences for the next 100 years for some 3000 homes along the coastline.

The East of England can be prone to longshore drift which sees sand swept off the shoreline and away to sea.

Sir Philip Dilley, the Chairman of the Environment Agency will be unveiling a commemorative rock at around 11.45am.


£1.5M storm damage repairs proposed

The Suffolk coast taking a battering back in December Credit: ITV

Proposals to repair part of the Lowestoft seafront in Suffolk are being discussed at a meeting today.

Waveney District Council's cabinet is looking at plans to spend around £1.5 million repairing coastal erosion and damage from last years tidal surge.

The area set to benefit from the funding Credit: ITV

Councillors will be asked to give the go-ahead tomorrow (Weds) for the works, which have been described as a priority.

Safety fears close seafront path

Council engineers have closed the seafront path Credit: Tendring District Council

A seafront path in Holland-on-Sea in Essex has been closed off on safety grounds.

The problem with the slope, which connects the Upper and Lower Promenades, was discovered by Tendring District Council engineering staff when they returned to work after the Christmas break.

It's hoped that the problem will be sorted out before the spring.

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