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Heatwave boosting tourist industry in East of England

Tourism in the East of England has been given a boost by the long hot dry spell. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The continuing long, hot dry spell is giving a big boost to the tourism industry in the East of England with many people deciding to holiday at home rather than seek the sun abroad.

This seemingly endless heatwave is set get even hotter with temperatures could reach a scorching 35°C (95°F) on Thursday or Friday.

An amber health warning is in place meaning the very young and the elderly should stay out of the sun when it's over 30°C.

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  1. Malcolm Robertson

Warning over new homes in the countryside

There's been a stark warning to youngsters growing up in the countryside that it's not your right to live there, close to family, when you grow up and leave home.

The warning is from the head of the National Trust Sir Simon Jenkins who wants to protect rural areas from over development and says new houses should be built in towns and cities.

But his comments have drawn an angry response from people in this region who claim village life will die without new investment.

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The debate over building in the countryside

The CRPE, the campaign group to protect rural England, says it disagrees with Sir Simon Jenkins who's called for future new homes to be built in towns and cities and not rural areas.

Sir Simon is chairman of the National Trust and says children raised in the countryside have no automatic right to live near their parents when they leave home.

Kate Houghton of the CPRE said: "We want a living countryside and if people are going to work in the countryside and keep strong family ties then we need to make sure there are affordable houses."