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Christmas crackdown on drink and drug drivers yields results

It's part of drink and drug driving 'crackdown' Credit: Essex Police.

Essex Police have arrested 52 suspected drink drivers since the beginning of a safer roads campaign started on December, 1.

They have also arrested three people under suspicion of drug driving, having supplied drug testing kits to officers earlier in the year.

It is all part of an initiative to reduce dangerous driving habits during the festive period.

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'Outrage' as driver takes to motorway with 'small hole' to see through snow

The driver has cleared a tiny gap in the snow leaving the rest of the car covered Credit: @Jonny_Ellis

Northamptonshire Police are reminding motorists to remove snow from their cars before embarking on their journey.

Police tweeted this photograph as a stark reminder of how dangerous it can be to not remove snow from a vehicle before heading onto the roads.

It was taken on the M4 between junctions 28 and 29 just before midday today.

Stephen Sorby took this photograph when he was travelling from London to Wales with his friend. He said he couldn't believe what he had seen:

"We are outraged with what we saw, we couldn't believe anyone would drive like that. So careless to risk the lives of others." Mr Sorby estimates that the car was travelling around 60mph to 70mph.

The view from every window is obscured by snow, a very dangerous way to drive Credit: @Jonny_Ellis