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Increase in school places

More than nine in ten children in Essex will go to their parents first or second choice of primary school in the county.

The county council says its created more than three thousand new places for the current academic year.

Its also set aside three hundred and sixty thousand pounds to create more over the next 3 years.


Council calls for money to be paid back

Lord Hanningfield Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Leader of Essex County Council has called on the former council leader Lord Hanningfield to do the right thing and pay back money the council says he owes Essex taxpayers.

The council has decided not to pursue legal action to recover nearly £51,000 from Lord Hanningfield.

But Cllr David Finch said he was still angry and frustrated at the situation and called on Lord Hanningfield to repay the money.

Hanningfield has previously served a jail sentence for fiddling his Parliamentary expenses.

Council warning to keep warm and stay well

As temperatures fall, we're being reminded to keep warm this winter to avoid falling ill.

Last winter there were over thirty thousands deaths in England and Wales, that could have been prevented, by making sure we heat our homes properly or get vaccinated against flu.

The elderly and the very young are most at risk.

Essex County Council say there could be government grants available to help.

Ban proposed on lorries overtaking on the A12

Have you ever been stuck behind two lorries on a dual carriageway as one slowly overtakes the other? It can be pretty frustrating. The idea of banning HGVs from overtaking has already been tried on the A14 and the M11.

Now Essex County Council wants a ban introduced on the A12. But lorry drivers say the idea will be dangerous and could prove expensive. Here's Tom Barton.

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