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Cambridgeshire man rings 999 more than 20 times to try and 'unlock phone'

Police warned that 999 should only be used in a genuine emergency Credit: .

Police who received 21 silent 999 calls from an address in Cambridgeshire arrived to find it was just a man trying to unlock his phone.

The man had dialled the number multiple times "as it's stated online that if your mobile phone is locked that calling 999 would unlock it", Fenland police wrote on Twitter.

Officers had first tried to call the number and sent a text message, but got no response.

They attended the address in Wisbech on Thursday night.

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A Cambridgeshire Police spokesman said: "We do investigate every silent 999 call to ensure someone is not in trouble.

"However, 999 should only be used in a genuine emergency - and not to unlock a mobile phone."

No further action has been taken against the caller.


Four injured in Fenland crash between car and horsebox

Police tweeted this pictures of the damaged vehicles. Credit: Fenland Police

Four people have been injured after a crash between a car and a horsebox near Wisbech.

Police were called to the incident in Guyhirn last night - and they're now appealing for witnesses.

Three people suffered serious injuries but none are thought to be life-threatening.

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What happens to Fenland celery and Newmarket sausages after Brexit?

What happens to the protection on the name of Newmarket sausages after Brexit? Credit: ITV News Anglia

There's been a call for steps to be taken to ensure regional specialities like Fenland celery and Newmarket sausages to remainl protected after Britain leaves the European Union.

At the moment more than seventy products are covered by EU rules but it's not yet clear what will happen to that protection after Brexit.

Food industry representatives say resources need to be made available now to ensure there's a scheme ready to replace the EU system when necessary

Click below to watch a report by ITV News reporter Kevin Ashford

Carrot factory goes high tech

The new carrot grader

A sophisticated new computer system has been installed at a carrot processing factory near Peterborough.

The machine, at the Produce World factory at Yaxley, uses cameras to take upto 40 photos of each carrot.

The images are then computer analysed to make sure that the colour, length and shape are all within set specifications.

The machine can process 80,000 carrots an hour.

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