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Greens fall victim to Labour surge at Norwich City Hall

Labour increased their majority on Norwich City Council from 13 to 23. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Labour are firmly in charge at Norwich City Council after increasing their majority from 13 to 23.

The Green Party have long been the main opposition group in Norwich but has been in decline in recent years. Labour took five seats from them in this election reducing the party to a rump of just five councillors.

Norwich has been a Labour council for most of its existence but was briefly controlled by the Liberal Democrats from 2002-04.

Green Party launch their Norfolk election campaign

The Green Party have launched their Election campaign in Norfolk

The Green Party's deputy leader has been on the Election campaign trail in Norwich.

Amelia Womack was launching the group's local election manifesto but also took the chance to announce the party's general election candidates.

They are Norwich North (Adrian Holmes), Norwich South (Richard Bearman) Broadland (Andrew Boswell) and South Norfolk (Catherine Rowett)

The Green Party have launched their Election campaign in Norfolk


Tactical voting won't work in this election, warns Green Party leader

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

The leader of the Green Party has today urged people to make their votes count during a visit to Cambridge today.

Natalie Bennet said the general election was set to see a number of seats won with just a quarter of the votes.

She said, because of that, tactical voting was no longer likely to work.

"Look at the candidates, look at the policies, look at the parties and say 'that's what I support' and vote for that."

– Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader.

As well as meeting party activists and going on walkabout in the market square, the party leader also visited the town's railway station.

Cambridge and Norwich South are among the Green Party's main target seats.

Find out more about the 2015 general election campaign, including information about your constituency, by clicking here.

Natalie Bennett of the Green Party on the campaign trail in the Anglia region

Natalie Bennett of the Green Party.

Natalie Bennett of the Greens says her party is targeting a dozen seats nationally and two of them are in the East of England.

Norwich South and Cambridge were the Greens' second and third best results in the country at the last election.

The Greens have around 35 councillors around the region and are the main opposition party in Norwich. After her visit to the city, the leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett, came into the ITV News Anglia studio.

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