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TV news presenter seeks safe asylum in Suffolk after opposing Egypt's military regime

TV journalist Osama Gaweesh is seeking asylum in Britain after speaking out against the Egyptian military regime. Credit: Al Hiwar TV

Osama Gaweesh was once a television news presenter broadcasting throughout the Middle East from a studio in Istanbul.

Now Mr Gaweesh is living in Ipswich as an asylum seeker having been persecuted, he says, for taking part in the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt and then speaking out against its military regime.

He and his family fled Egypt for Turkey where Osama started his journalism career. That apparently upset the authorities back home where his was sentenced in absentia to five years in jail for his work.

When he and his wife were about to go on a short break to the UK, officials at the airport told him Egypt had issued a warrant for his arrest and that he could leave Turkey straightaway but not come back.

Osama's case is being considered by the Home Office but after nine months being separated from his family and unable to work in this country, he says life is becoming increasingly hard.

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Orwell bridge re-opens after closure due to high winds

The A14 Orwell bridge to the south of Ipswich in Suffolk. Credit: Highways England

The Orwell bridge on the A14 near Ipswich in Suffolk has re-opened after being closed because of windy weather.

The bridge re-opened at 2.25pm after having closed earlier this morning for safety reasons due to continued high winds.

Highways England say drivers making journeys across the region should be aware that winds are still strong and that sudden gusts of wind may still occur.

Drivers should continue to give high sides vehicles, caravans, motorbikes, and bicycles plenty of space.

Orwell bridge closed due to strong winds

The Orwell Bridge on the A14 in Suffolk has been closed due to high winds. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Suffolk's Orwell Bridge on the A14 has been closed due to strong winds.

Highways England says winds latest weather forecast predicts that wind speeds are due to peak at between 50-55mph between 10am and 2pm on Thursday.

Highways England is constantly monitoring the forecast and any updates will be on their twitter feed @HighwaysEAST.

Highways England will continue to be closely monitoring wind speeds, and will re-open the bridge as soon as it is safe to do so.

While the Orwell Bridge is closed, the planned diversion route will be via the A1156, A1189 and A1214 through Ipswich.

"Drivers planning to travel in the area are encouraged to plan their journey in advance and check the latest weather and traffic conditions along the route.

"You can get the latest forecast from the Met Office and local radio.

"Drivers making journeys across the region should be aware of sudden gusts of wind, give high sides vehicles, caravans, motorcycles, and bicycles plenty of space."

– Highways England


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