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Coffee company's scheme raises money for Kenyan school

An independent coffee merchants based in Suffolk has come up with a unique way to help customers contribute directly to the farmers who produce their coffee in Kenya.

Paddy and Scott's are giving people the chance to buy their own coffee tree at a farm in the East African country.

The farm also has a school on site. Credit: Paddy and Scott's.

Money will go direct to the farmer. Extra revenue will also help a community school, which is situated on the farm.

We wanted to create an option where we could allow the consumer to deal direct with the farmer and to create authenticity and to feel a connection, what better way to do that than to allow the consumer to own their own tree on the farm.

– Scott Russell, Founder of Paddy and Scott's

Man sentenced for his role in attack on British tourists

A man has been sentenced to death for his role in helping with the kidnap of British tourist Judith Tebbutt during an attack in which her husband David was killed in Kenya.

Ali Babitu Kololo was found guilty of robbery with violence and kidnapping in relation to the raid at a remote resort close to the border with Somalia in September 2011.

Ali Babitu Kololo (pictured right) was convicted at a Kenyan court.

David Tebbutt was shot and killed and Judith was abducted and taken to Somalia where she was held for over six months before being released.

Judith Tebbutt pictured after her release after six month of captivity in Somalia. Credit: ITV News