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Norfolk: Seals drawn to offshore windfarms, study shows

Seals are taking advantage of offshore wind farms to forage for food. Credit: PA

Seals are taking advantage of offshore wind farms to forage for food, research has shown.

Data from tagging harbour and grey seals revealed the animals have been visiting the Sheringham Shoal wind farm.

The man-made structures in the sea create "artificial reefs" which provide homes to fish and crustaceans which the seals feed on.


Fears kids may be out of touch with nature

The RSPB is warning that our children's growing lack of contact with nature could be one of the biggest threats to the future of the environment.

The charity's linked up with the University of Essex to find out just how connected children are with nature in the hope of addressing what they see as a significant problem. Hannah Pettifer reports.

Scientists mimic nature

The synthetic mother of pearl (on the right) Credit: Nature Communications

Scientists working at the University of Cambridge have created what they describe as a new recipe from nature's cookbook to create an artificial version of mother of pearl.

Research published in the Journal Nature Communications shows how they've recreated the iridescent coating found on the inside of some molluscs.

Scientists at the University's Cavendish Laboratory hope their discovery will be used by engineers for as a coating in industrial applications.