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Fashion, glamour - and a bit of racing too - at Newmarket Ladies' Day

It's been a day full of fabulous fascinators, gorgeous glamour and hotly contested horse racing in Newmarket.

The annual Ladies' Day kicks off the start of the July festival at the racecourse.

And there were plenty of contenders for best dressed in the event's style awards. Were you among them?

Police: 'There's no wider threat to the public' after house explosion

The scene of the explosions. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Suffolk police say there is no threat to the wider public after multiple explosions at a property in Lidgate near Newmarket where two people died.

Police were called at 12:15pm on Tuesday 7th May to The Street.

The building which has suffered significant damage now needs structural work to make it safe to enter.

Two women died in the explosions and are believed to be Pam and Julie Tierney.

Structural work needs to be done to make the site safe to enter. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I heard a bang, basically, I was on the drive opposite from the field across the road and saw this big plume of black smoke and thought oh god, I thought it was tyres because it was so black. It went on for a while sometime and then I saw the emergency services coming."

– Local resident

Police say the deaths remain unexplained, but police do not believe anyone else is involved.

"I was working in the workshop and I felt like a shockwave because the place shook and heard an almighty woof, and then pretty sure I heard another bang."

– Local resident

"It's a quiet village, the main road is a bit busy, but it's not the sort of thing that happens in Lidgate, people are surprised and saddened. It's an ongoing investigation and information is a bit sketchy."

– Cllr Mike Chester, West Suffolk District Council
A police cordon remains at the scene. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"It was a very large explosion at the time followed by multiple smaller ones, however we are still under investigation as to how that occurred. There is extensive structural damage which has slowed down firefighting activities due to integrity of the building, chimney stack and gable end at the moment, however we are working with the police on a joint effort and ambulance to carry out our investigations."

– Darren Reeve, Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service

BREAKING: Police confirm explosion led to two deaths

Fire crews at the scene of the explosion Credit: ITV News Anglia

Two people have died following a fire and reports of "multiple explosions" at a house in Lidgate, near Newmarket Suffolk Police said.

The fire, which started at 12.15pm on Tuesday, has caused significant structural damage to the building in The Street, and the area has been cordoned off by police officers.

The cause of the explosions is unknown and a joint fire and police investigation is taking place.

The two people were initially reported as being "unaccounted for".

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