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Hedgehogs need help in hot weather

Wildlife trusts in the region are warning that hedgehogs are suffering during the current hot weather.

Harder soil and the lack of water has meant Hedgehogs are having to travel further and further to find vital food and water.

Hedgehogs need help in hot weather Credit: ITV Anglia

Essex Wildlife Trust says with impenetrable garden fences, Hedgehogs are putting themselves at risk and crossing main roads in their search.

Hedgehogs have already faced massive declines over the last 50 years due to agricultural intensification, habitat fragmentation and an increase in roads.

Essex Wildlife Trust are asking you to do two simple things to give Hedgehogs the best chance of surviving the summer.

  • Firstly, leaving out a shallow dish of water provides a much-needed source of hydration (but not milk).
  • Secondly, cutting a small hole around 13cm by 13cm wide - roughly the size of a CD - in the bottom of your hedge or fence allows Hedgehogs to move from garden to garden and avoid having to cross dangerous roads.


Services stretched as spike in field fires continues

A field fire in Chittering, Cambridgeshire. Credit: Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue

Firefighters across the region are tackling another spate of field fires as the heatwave continues.

Around 25 firefighters have been trying to prevent a blaze from spreading near the A10 in Chittering, Cambridgeshire, this afternoon.

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Fire crews are also at the scene of a blaze in a field off the Northern Distributor Road - close to Norwich Airport.

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Widespread field fires across East Anglia have been putting farmers and fire services under pressure.

In Norfolk alone, there were more than 50 fires in the open at the weekend - there are normally only 300 in the whole year.

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