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Experts are predicting the most colourful floral displays

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It might have been a long time coming, but experts are predicting the late spring could produce the most colourful floral display for years.

The Royal Horticultural Society's urging people to take advantage of the rising temperatures and make the most of their gardens while flowers are still in bloom.

Police water safety warning as warm weather continues

Norfolk police aree reminding people to think twice before entering rivers or lakes to cool off from the recent warm weather.

After temperatures spiked this week, people are urged to be conscious of open, unguarded bodies of water which may contain dangerous currents, particularly in light of the recent intensive and prolonged rain which preceded the warm spell.

Police say even the strongest and experienced swimmers can get into difficulties due to undercurrents in deeper water.

“It certainly seems like a long time ago since we had such great weather, and with it being so warm going for a swim can be tempting. We ask people to remember that recent wet weather has caused local rivers to swell above their normal levels, which has created a much more dangerous environment. If you are looking to cool off by going for a swim, please use safe areas such as leisure centres and lidos and stay safe while enjoying the glorious weather."

– Chief Superintendent Dave Boyle, Norfolk Police


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