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PM pledges to fund Northstowe housing development

The Government are set to fund the building of thousands of new homes in Cambridgeshire Credit: ITV News Anglia

The Prime Minister has announced he'll directly commission the building of thousands of new homes on five sites around England, including at Northstowe in Cambridgeshire.

Plans to provide around 10 thousand houses at Northstowe have stalled after being in development for around 15 years.

Now, David Cameron has said the government will step in and get the homes built. Around 40 per cent will be for first-time buyers and construction will begin this year.

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New homes on old RAF Northstowe base

The Northstowe project would see the creation of a new town between Huntingdon and Cambridge.

The Government now wants to commission new homes itself if developers fail to meet the demand for house building and Northstowe could be used for the scheme.

It comes as the Government announced its new national infrastructure plan - which will also see £44 million spent on building a new railway station at Cambridge's Science Park.

New homes for South Cambridgeshire

Plans for 1500 new homes have been approved in South Cambridgeshire. Construction could start on the first phase of the Northstowe development as early as next year.

Plans for the development Credit: ITV Anglia

A housing shortage means 10,000 new homes might have to be built.

Construction could start next year Credit: ITV Anglia