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Schools closed due to power cuts

A number of schools in Norfolk and Suffolk have been closed because of power cuts due to the strong winds.

Thousands are without electricity after strong winds brought down power lines.

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Thousands of homes without power after storms

Thousands of homes are without power across the east this morning after strong winds brought down power lines.

Around 9,000 homes in our region are without power and UK Power Networks says it has engineers working to restore power in the affected areas.

Below are the number of properties affected:

  • 3,400 in Essex
  • 1,500 in Norfolk
  • 1,770 in Hertfordshire
  • 880 in Bedfordshire
  • 870 in Buckinghamshire
  • 640 in Suffolk
  • 460 in Cambridgeshire

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Power cut update: 3,000 still without electricity in the Anglia region

UK Power Networks said there were 3,000 homes in the Anglia region without electricity in the Anglia region at 6pm on Christmas Eve.

The company says it still hopes to restore power to all homes in the East of England before Christmas Day.

Number of homes in each county without power:

  • 91 in Bedfordshire
  • 929 in Essex
  • 396 in Hertfordshire
  • 1,460 in Norfolk
  • 302 in Suffolk
  • Buckinghamshire and Cambridgeshire are reported back to normal

Over £1 million for those who suffered power cuts

More than 1 million pounds in compensation will be paid out to customers in the East, who suffered power cuts after last Monday's storms. UK power Networks said it's doubling the usual amount paid to people, who are without power for longer than 48 hours, as a gesture of goodwill.

The company has written around 20 thousand letters to customers in this region, who may be entitled to a share of the money. Victoria Lampard reports

Storm damage compensation payments outlined

Compensation after electricity supplies cut off by storm

The company in charge of the electricity network say they're writing to all its customers who qualify for compensation after being cut off in last Monday's storms. Around 500,000 people lost their electricity supply in the East of England because of the storm.

UK Power Networks says customers are entitled to a payment under a storm event if they were without power for 48 continuous hours.

'The statutory payment is £27 but as a gesture of goodwill because we understand the difficulties experienced by people last week, we have agreed to double this to £54,' said a company spokesman.**


'They are entitled to a further payment for each 12-hour period thereafter and this again will be doubled by us to £54. This is capped at £432. All customers who qualify should receive a letter from us to explain this at the early part of this week.'

It's estimated compensation payments will total over a million pounds.


Essex council arranges extra food waste collections after storm

This picture, taken at Suffolk's Oulton Broad, shows the power of the storm. Credit: Claire Gooda

A council in Essex is arranging extra food waste collections on Sunday to help people whose freezers failed because of the power cuts.

Uttlesford District Council has taken the step after many households were left without electricity for much of the week.

Residents who wish to dispose of damaged food will need to take their waste to the refuse vehicles at the locations and times are detailed below:

Stebbing (The Downs, High Street) - 09:00-09:30

Great Dunmow (St Edmunds Lane) - 09:45-10:15

High Easter (Village Hall) - 10:30-11:00

Barnston (Watts Close Recreation Ground Car Park) - 11:15-11:45

Great Easton (Village Hall) - 12:00-12:30

Little Easton (Village Hall) - 12:45-13:15

Tilty (Church Car Park) - 13:30-14:00

Duton Hill (Nr The Three Horseshoes) - 14:15-14:45

Clavering (Village Hall) - 15:15-15:45

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