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Norfolk 'graffilthy' artist marks RAF 100 anniversary

One of two RAF 100 celebration pieces by Ruddy Muddy Credit: @Ruddy_Muddy

Norfolk graffiti artist Ruddy Muddy has paid tribute to the RAF - as the airforce marks its 100th anniversary.

The creator of so-called "mudsterpieces" - artwork made on dirty white vans - has included images of a Tornado and Spitfire in some of his latest works.

Living in West Norfolk, Rick Minns, who is known as Ruddy Muddy, said he had to do something to mark the milestone since RAF Marham is based in his "beloved home county".

One of two RAF 100 celebration pieces by Ruddy Muddy Credit: @Ruddy_Muddy


One month on from RAF Marham serviceman attack

Scene of the abduction attempt near the Marham base Credit: ITV News Anglia

Today marks a month since a serviceman was threatened with a knife near RAF Marham in Norfolk.

Two men then attempted to abduct him while he was out jogging.

Despite numerous public appeals to trace the suspects, no one has yet been arrested.

The station is home to some of the Tornado bombers that have recently taken part in air strikes against so called Islamic State.

RAF Tornados from Marham bomb palace in Iraq

RAF Tornados from Marham in Norfolk have bombed a palace in north Iraq which was built by Saddam Hussein.

The palace was being used as a training centre for the Islamic State militant group.

Two Tornados, currently based in Cyprus, used guided bombs in the attack at Mosul which has been in IS control since 2014.

They were part of a coalition force made up from seven nations.

RAF Marham serviceman head-butted and punched attacker in self defence

Police appealing for witnesses in relation to the RAF Marham attempted abduction say one of the suspects may have a visible facial injury Credit: ITV News Anglia

Detectives have said it is possible one of the suspects involved in the attempted abduction of an RAF serviceman suffered a visible facial injury.

It comes as police follow-up a number of calls and CCTV enquiries into the incident which happened at RAF Marham on Wednesday July 20.

Two men, described as Middle Eastern in appearance, were seen to be involved in the incident; however police have said more people could have been inside the vehicle.

The main suspect, who grabbed the serviceman while he was out jogging, and attempted to pull him into a dark coloured people carrier, is thought to have suffered an injury during the incident after being challenged by the victim.

They were involved in a scuffle during which the victim, aged in his late 20s, head-butted his attacker before punching him, causing the suspect to fall to the floor. It was at this point the second suspect, who was armed with a knife, appeared and went to the aid of his accomplice allowing the victim to run away and get help.

The victim managed to fight off his attacker and head-butted him, we believe around the eye-socket, so it is possible he suffered swelling and bruising in this area. He was then punched which caused him to fall to the ground. Clearly the extent of his injuries is unknown however we do not believe either attack caused the suspect to bleed, contrary to reports circulating in the media.

– Detective Superintendent Paul Durham, from the Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team

Weapon used in RAF Marham incident was a 'military-type knife'

At a press conference this afternoon, police have confirmed the weapon used in what they believe to be an attempted abduction at RAF Marham yesterday was a 'military-type knife.'

It had a 3in handle and a blade that was between 2.5 and 3inches long.

The Norfolk and Suffolk major crime unit are dealing with the incident, which they say has left the serving RAF personnel "shaken up."

The victim, who's in his 20s and is married, was out jogging on one of his regular running routes, when he was approached by two men who threatened him with a knife.

Police confirmed that one of the suspects shouted at the serviceman, before placing a hand on the victim's shoulder and forcefully pulling him with a degree of force down to the vehicle.

The victim managed to break free and run off.

He didn't hear what was shouted at him because he had headphones on during the attack.

The victim managed to break free, he fought free from the attacker, and left him on the floor. There was physical contact.

– Detective Superintendent Paul Durham

Police say they have no reason to think the attackers wouldn't still be in the area.

They are currently looking for the car driven by one of the attackers.

It's difficult to envisage a situation where there wasn't an element of pre- planning. That that is speculation.

– Detective Superintendent Paul Durham
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