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Raspberry Pi marks birthday as UK's All time best selling computer

Cambridge's Raspberry Pi marks it's fourth birthday today.

Since the launch of the pocket size computer in 2012, the company has produced 8 million of the devices. It's now the UK's most all-time biggest selling machine - outstripping the likes of the Sinclair Spectrum and Amstrad.

Cambridge engineers created the Raspberry Pi - their aim was to make a very cheap computer that youngsters could programme - and learn how it works.

Just last year the company - founded by Epen Upton - launched a computer that cost lest than a cup of coffee

To mark the event they've launched a new model of the micro-computer - which now boasts wifi.

Raspberry Pi 3 Credit: Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi fan Matt Timmons-Brown put together a short video of some of the projects the device has been used for.