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Getting more women on the water as more sailors needed

Sailing clubs across the East of England want more women sailors to come forward.

The names Ellen McArthur and Sarah Ayton are probably well known but many may struggle to identify other top female sailors.

Sailing clubs across the East of England are trying to rectify that by encouraging more girls and women into the sport - and more importantly - keeping them.

Around 80% of adult sailors are men. For some reason most of the women who take to the water in their early years don't return to the sport.

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Sailor up for award after spotting crewman clinging to mast

Cambridgeshire sailor saves crewman clinging to mast. Credit: Gavin Reid

A sailor from Cambridgeshire, who heroically rescued one of his colleagues while on a round the world race, is in line for a top award for his bravery.

Gavin Reid from Cambridge, who is also profoundly deaf, was sailing off the coast of Australia when he spotted a crewman stuck at the top of the mast.

Gavin swam between the two yachts and found four other crew entangled and unable to help their colleague.

He is up for Yachtsman of the year.

Sailing club offers taster session

Northampton Sailability is holding an open day

Disabled people in Northamptonshire are being given the chance to have a go at sailing on Saturday 3rd August.

Northampton Sailability is hosting its annual Open Day. Around 200 people regularly sail with the club which also works in partnership with other local groups.


Not the big 4

Huntingdon Panthers Netball Club and Grafham Water Sailing Club are offering free taster sessions.

It's part of a scheme called 'Not the Big 4' (football, cricket, swimming and golf).

Netball sessions will take place on Tuesday 30 April and Tuesday 14 May from 8pm to 9pm at One Leisure Huntingdon.

Sailing sessions will take place on Saturday 25 May and Saturday 15 June from 11am to

4pm at Grafham Water Sailing Club

Broads Authority cuts tolls for small boats

Dinghy sailing on the Broads Credit: Broads Authority

More than half of boats on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads will see their tolls reduced or remain the same next season.

The Broads Authority has agreed an overall rise of 3% in income from tolls from April which will see small boats paying less than this year and larger boats paying more.

A total of 5,700 private rowing, sailing and motor boats out of a total of 10,900 will see a reduction or no increase at all.

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