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Specialist divers set to take the plunge for first time to help decommission Sizewell A nuclear power station

Specialist nuclear divers are being used for the first time at Sizewell A to help decommission the nuclear power station. The American team are helping to remove radioactive waste from the fuel storage pond.

A specialist diver goes underwater Credit: ITV Anglia

Working under water helps cut the risk of radiation for the workers. The conventional method uses remotely operated equipment to lift the whole radioactive skips clear of the water, exposing them to the air and therefore creating potential radiation risk to workers.

The specialist divers removing radioactive waste Credit: ITV Anglia

But by using specialist divers it means the work can be one under water and the skips can be cut safer, access more awkward areas easier and make the whole process safer.


£14 billion Sizewell C nuclear power station begins

Video report by ITV Anglia's Tanya Mercer.

EDF's second stage of consultation for the proposed 14 billion pound Sizewell C nuclear power station begins.

The new consultation deals with a range of issues concerning roads, workers' accommodation and environmental impacts.

In a separate announcement in the autumn statement, the Chancellor promised one million pounds to look at easing traffic on the A12 nearby.

The Sizewell C project could provide 25,000 jobs during its construction and go on to generate electricity for 6 million homes, but the proposals are causing concerns for those who live nearby.

Critics fear nuclear deal threat to security and environment

The Chancellor George Osborne has signed a multi-billion pound deal with China which will see two nuclear plants built in our region.

They will part fund a new reactor at Sizewell C in Suffolk and planning will also start on a Chinese-designed reactor at Bradwell in Essex.

Critics say it is a dangerous deal that threatens national security and has ecological implications. But those in favour say it will be a huge boost for our region.

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Chinese pledge to deliver 'safe' nuclear energy

Chinese investors in Britain's nuclear industry - including new plants in Essex and Suffolk - have said they will deliver "safe" energy.

The China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) and energy company EDF will jointly develop Sizewell C in Suffolk and Bradwell B in Essex.

He Yu, Chairman CGN, said: “Entering the UK’s nuclear market marks a new phase for CGN.

"At the same time this is also a triple-win for the existing nuclear energy partnership between China, France and the UK.

"CGN is highly committed to delivering safe, cost efficient, and sustainable energy and to supporting the UK’s goal of becoming a low-carbon society.”

Chinese nuclear investment will provide 'energy security'

The Government has said development of new nuclear power stations at Sizewell and Bradwell will provide "energy security".

The plants will be developed with joint funding from China and the energy company EDF.

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said: "The Government will support new nuclear power stations as we move to a low-carbon future.

"Hinkley Point C will kick start this and is expected to be followed by more nuclear power stations, including Sizewell in Suffolk and Bradwell in Essex.

"This will provide essential financial and energy security for generations to come."

Chinese to have majority stake in development of Bradwell nuclear power station

Chinese investment in nuclear power in Suffolk and Essex. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A deal has been signed for Chinese investment in new nuclear power stations in Essex and Suffolk.

French energy giant EDF and the China General Nuclear Power Corporation have agreed in principle to develop Sizewell and Bradwell.

The Chinese firm will have a 20% stake in the development of Sizewell C.

An agreement has also been struck between the two firms to submit a Generic Design Assessment for Bradwell B, with the Chinese expected to take a 66.5% share.

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