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Council pushes anti-smoking New Year's Resolution

17,000 people in Hertfordshire suffer from chronic smoking illnesses. Credit: PA.

Hertfordshire County Council are urging people to give up smoking as a New Year's Resolution.

New figures released by Public Health England show 440 people in Hertfordshire die every year from lung disease caused by smoking.

Nearly 17,000 people in the county suffer from chronic lung disease caused by smoking and risk dying prematurely. The council say sufferers often primarily put it down to 'smoker's cough' when in actuality, it can be a lot more serious.

They are urging people to give up smoking as a New Year's resolution.


Colchester and Tendring smokers offered help to quit

People wanting to give up smoking in North East Essex will be given free nicotine replacement therapy in January.

It is part of a stop-smoking campaign run by the Anglian Community Enterprise.

The awareness campaign will also involve the chance to get free advice outside Colchester Town Hall on January 10th.

Sue White, Anglian Community Enterprise (ACE) Colchester and Tendring NHS Stop Smoking Service Co-ordinator, said: "We know many people's New Year resolution is to quit smoking so we are going to be offering every possible assistance to them."

Illegal tobacco warning

New campaign has been launched to try and stop children smoking smuggled and illegal tobacco Credit: ITV Anglia

A new campaign has been launched in Peterborough to try and stop children smoking smuggled, illegal tobacco.

Dangerous ingredients are often found in them, including arsenic and even rat droppings.

It's thought children are being targeted, as illegal cigarettes are often cheaper than those for sale in the shops.

Organisations such as Trading Standards and NHS Peterborough are urging people to report anyone they see selling illegal tobacco.