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Mother of nurse who survived Ebola supports sons decision to return to West Africa

William Pooley at home in Suffolk.

The mother of Suffolk nurse William Pooley says she is proud of her son for wanting to go back to West Africa.

Mr Pooley contracted the Ebola virus earlier this year while working in Sierra Leone. But, on Sunday, the 29-year-old returned to help with the fight against the outbreak.

Speaking to ITV News Anglia, Jackie Pooley said, although she worried about him, she understood why her son needed to go back.

From South Africa to Suffolk

The Allen Gardiner being craned out of the water in Durban

A river cruiser has been loaded aboard an ocean freighter in South Africa to begin a voyage to Suffolk.

The Allen Gardiner has been operating out of Durban Harbour.

Now her owners have decided to base her on the River Orwell to be close to another boat in their fleet called the Lady Florence.

It's hoped the Allen Gardiner will make her maiden voyage on the River Orwell in November