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Car cruise events need 'proper licensing regime' says council leader

The leader of Stevenage Borough Council says it has applied for an interim injunction banning "car cruise" events until a "proper licensing regime" for them is devised.

It comes after 17 people were injured when two cars crashed into crowds at a meet in Stevenage last night (July 18).

Cllr Sharon Taylor, leader of the borough council, said she felt "terrible" for those hurt and their families.

"It was a horrific accident, a devastating blow for us in Stevenage and for all those effected."

– Cllr Sharon Taylor

"These are very difficult issues to deal with because they're not authorised or licensed," she said.

"My campaign now is to make sure that they will be in future.

"They're advertised to the people who take part on Facebook. We don't know when there coming, where there coming or what numbers they're going to be in and that makes it a very difficult event to police and make sure people are kept safe.

"I think in future we need a proper licensing regime for these events."

"The first thing we've done is applied for an interim injunction to make sure that while we work out how we're going to monitor these events in future there can't be another event."

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