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Savile abuse scandal: man arrested in Bedfordshire

A man in his 60s has been arrested by police investigating the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal.

The man, from Bedfordshire, was held this morning on suspicion of sexual offences and is being questioned.

Police said the allegations made against him do not directly involve Savile, and are classed under the strand of their investigation termed "others".


Man: 'Savile abused and threatened me when I was nine'

Kevin Cook, aged 45, of Essex, has told ITV News Jimmy Savile abused him after he appeared on Jim'll Fix It aged nine.

He said: "He made some threats to me, telling me not to tell anybody. I was just so scared. He told me no-one would believe me and that he knew where I lived."

He added: "I feel like a new man now I have told somebody. A weight has been lifted off my shoulders."

Watch the full interview with Kevin Cook on the ITV Evening News at 6.30pm.

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