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Commuters urged to make small talk to help prevent railway suicides

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Rail passengers are being urged to strike up conversation beside railway tracks in an attempt to reduce suicides.

The campaign Small Talk Saves Lives is being supported by a Greater Anglia worker who's quick actions prevented a distressed man from taking his own life at a level crossing last year.

The hope from Samaritans who are part of the campaign is that it will start a wider conversation on how suicide is preventable.

Suicide verdict in inquest into death of inmate after prison 'fails to protect' him

Michael Cameron died in April 2016. Credit: Submitted.

A Milton Keynes prison has been criticised once again for failing to protect its inmates - as an inquest jury decided the death of Michael Cameron was suicide.

The 45-year-old was found hanging in his HMP Woodhill cell in April 2016. Staff had been warned he was vulnerable and razor blades had previously been taken away from him.

This is the latest from our report Chloe Keedy who has been at the inquest.

More to follow.


Family's heartache over son's suicide

In England there is a suicide once every 85 minutes on average, but even more worrying is that in the East, according to Norfolk's coroner William Armstrong, suicide appears to be on the increase.

So concerned is he about the rise in suicides that he organised a special conference to discuss the issue. ITV Anglia's Malcolm Robertson has been to meet a mother who's had to deal with the loss of her son.

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