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Video: Tornado captured on camera over Northampton

A tornado has been spotted over Duston near Northampton. Credit: Shaun Whitcombe

Video has been captured of a tornado in the skies above the Duston area close to Northampton. It was spotted at around 12.15pm.

There are reports on social media of damage to nearby houses with roof tiles being blown off and trees damaged as the twister swept through.

The Met Office confirmed that weather conditions in the area suggest it was a tornado.

This video was captured by ITV News viewer Shaun Whitcombe

Tornadoes form as a spiralling column of air descends from the base of a thunderstorm cloud.

It starts as a funnel cloud which can extend all the way to the ground and then becomes a tornado.

Click below to watch a computer animation of the Met Office rainfall radar at the time of the tornado. The brighter colours indicate the heaviest downpours.


Soggy Saturday makes it the wettest day of the month

Flash flooding in Sudbury, Suffolk on Saturday 28 June 2014 Credit: Dionne King

Saturday was the wettest day of June 2014 and brought flash flooding to some parts of Suffolk as storms brought torrential rain.

The highest daily rainfall reading was 23.6 mm in the 24-hours to 10am Sunday at the Brooms Barn Agricultural Station in Higham near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

All of that rain fell in one hour between 3pm and 4pm on Saturday and it represents what is normally nearly a fortnight's worth of rain.

But it was hit-and-miss with the storms and some places in the region escaped with very little rain.

Overall June 2014 in the Anglia region is still drier than average with only two-thirds of the average rainfall falling across the area during the month.


Torrential rain brings flash flooding to Suffolk

Flash flooding caused by torrential rain and thunderstorms in Sudbury, Suffolk Credit: Dionne King

Around 20 homes have been flooded after torrential rain brought flash floods to Sudbury in Suffolk.

The area affected was East Street in the town at about 2.30pm on Saturday afternoon.

Suffolk Police said they were aware of flooding incidents across the county.

In Pictures: Tornado strikes on Suffolk-Norfolk border

A tornado pictured at Wortwell near Harleston, Norfolk Credit: Vikki Woodford

Eyewitness Vikki Woodford said she saw the tornado touch the ground at Wortwell on the Norfolk-Suffolk border.

Vikki wrote on the ITV News Anglia Facebook page: "I have pictures of it from Wortwell - very clear! We watched it touch down, videoed it then left before the storm was overhead."

She added that it then fizzled out.

There are no reports of any damage.

A tornado pictured at Wortwell near Harleston, Norfolk Credit: Vikki Woodford
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