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Rare glimpse of a baby hare in Norfolk Wetlands

Leveret on Lady Fen Credit: Shaun O'Driscoll

Staff at Welney Wetland Centre near Downham Market in Norfolk have been treated to a rare glimpse of a baby hare.

A routine check of the wetland area known as Lady Fen, led to an encounter with one of the cutest and most elusive residents.

Baby hares, called leverets, are incredibly secretive creatures. Once born, they are left out in the open, using tussocks of grass or mounds of earth for shelter.

Whereas baby rabbits pass their first vulnerable weeks below ground, in the relative safety of a burrow. To avoid the attention of predators, leverets have to lay still for the majority of the day. They only feed from their mother for a few minutes each evening.

"This is the first time I have seen a leveret in my three years working as the stockman for WWT Welney. It was a nice surprise to come across the baby hare, which was smaller than a rabbit, but those tell-tale long ears gave away its real identity. Whilst I am used to enjoying great views of the adult hares, the youngsters have a real skill at staying hidden”.

– Shaun O'Driscoll, WWT Welney


Move to secure improvements on Welney Wash Road

People living in a West Norfolk village are edging closer to having year round access to a road that is often shut due to flooding.

Every year the A1101 Wash Road in the east of Welney is left to flood so that local homes can be protected. However it means the village is effectively split in two with residents facing a 28-mile detour.

The County Council is now looking for more than a million pounds to change all that by raising the height of the road.

Click below to watch a report by ITV News Anglia's Jim Rice

Rare breed of bat discovered

Rare breed of bat has been found in Norfolk. Credit: British Trust for Ornithology

A rare breed of bat has been discovered in Norfolk thanks to a unique project.

The Norfolk bat survey involves hundreds of people recording the mammal's nocturnal calls in urban and rural areas.

The Barbestelle was detected near Welney in West Norfolk.

There are at least 17 species of bats in the UK - including the Barbestrelle and Pipistrelle.

The survey finishes at the end of September then it is hoped funding will be provided for future research to ensure the survival of the species.

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