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Can you make your garden more hedgehog-friendly for Wild About Gardens Week?

Can you make your garden more hedgehog-friendly? Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Conservation workers in Suffolk are urging gardeners to help hedgehogs as part of national Wild About Gardens Week.

Numbers have dropped dramatically over the past 10 years - with a third of the UK population thought to have been lost.

Wild About Gardens Week - from Monday October 26 to Sunday November 1 - celebrates all garden wildlife but this year its organisers, the Royal Horticultural Society and the Wildlife Trusts, want a particular focus on hedgehogs.

Gardeners are being asked to create "hedgehog holes" in fences and take other action to make their green spaces more welcoming to the fast-declining species.

In 2014, Suffolk Wildlife launched a campaign which aims to build a picture of where hedgehogs can still be found in the county. Sightings can be reported by visiting their website.


Charity issues warning to dog owners about snake bites

The Veterinary charity PDSA is warning dog owners about the potential dangers of snake bites, after one dog nearly died after being bitten on the face while out on a walk.

While it's rare to see adders - they do inhabit some of our heath and woodland in East Anglia.

But experts say the recent mild weather has produced good conditions for the snakes - and that, coupled with an inquisitive dog, can lead to a snake lashing out in self-defence.

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Second Peregrine chick has fledged off Norwich Cathedral

The moment the second chick is about to fledge Credit: Hawk and Owl Trust

A second peregrine falcon chick has fledged from the top of Norwich Cathedral. The chick flew down to one of the four pinnacles on the corners of the tower.

It will now be looked after by its parents as it starts to develop its flying and hunting skills.

The first chick to fledge from the cathedral Credit: Andy Thompson, Hawk and Owl Trust Volunteer

The first chick took its first leap early on Friday morning. These pictures were taken by Andy Thompson who is a volunteer at the Hawk and Owl Trust.

The first chick ready to fledge Credit: Andy Thompson, Hawk and Owl Trust volunteer
The first chick to fledge from the top of Norwich Cathedral Credit: Andy Thompson, Hawk and Owl Trust
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