New Center Parc

The holiday firm Center Parcs has announced its to build a new resort in Woburn in Bedfordshire.

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Local reaction to new Center Parc

Artist impression of new Center Parc in Bedfordshire Credit: Picture: Center Parcs

ITV Anglia has been speaking to a number of businesses in Bedfordshire for their views on the new Center Parc:

Vickie Humber of Humbers Home Made Preserves:

“I may be optimistic but I hope I'd have the opportunity to sell my products in Center Parcs or even start a local farmer’s market. Aside from any business opportunities, I think it’s great because I’ve got children and they'll soon need part time jobs"

Luan Hall who runs Fairies and Frogs Toy Shop in Ampthll hopes it'll be positive for her business.

“Having visited Center Parcs I know people do explore the area surrounding the resort. But we need to make sure Ampthill welcomes Center Parc visitors by providing adequate parking and bicycle racks”

There will be no direct impact for Paul Belger of Pro-Direct Beauty but he says it will be great for the towns of Flitwick and Ampthill.

“Any extra business will be a bonus, but it is really going to open a lot of job opportunities for local people and it will put our area on the map.”

Silva Schuldt, Flitwick operates the Flitwick Ostepathic Clinic. She’s not anticipating much new business but agrees the town will benefit.

“I don’t forget we get all the negatives and we’ve already seen infrastructure improvements and in general it is a good thing for the local economy."

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