New record set for shortest double yellow lines?

Double yellow lines just 13 inches long have been painted in Cambridge Credit: ITV Anglia

A set of double yellow lines on a street in Cambridge are thought to be the shortest in the country.

At just 13 inches long the lines have been painted on a gap between parking bays in Humberstone Road, West Chesterton. Motorists will be fined up to £70 if they park there.

The local council says the lines are at either end of a disabled parking bay and are there to prevent cars from encroaching on it.

Previously Norwich had claimed to have the shortest double yellows with a set measuring just 17 inches in Stafford Street.

A child's toy is the only-sized car which could illegally park on the 13" double yellow lines Credit: ITV Anglia
The double yellow lines in Cambridge are just over a foot long Credit: ITV Anglia