Is this the world's largest poppy?

Is this the world's largest poppy? Credit: ITV News Anglia

A giant poppy made from over 60,000 living poppies has been unveiled today at Skylark Garden Centre, near March, Cambridgeshire.

It is believed to be the biggest poppy made from poppies in the world.

It's made in a field full of poppies Credit: Jonathon Stevens

Children from Thomas Eaton School, Wimblington, Cambridgeshire, helped plant the poppies two months ago.

The giant poppy made from 60,000 Flanders poppies is 40m in diameter and covers an area of 1300 square meters, the size of an Olympic swimming pool.

Skylark Garden Centre are waiting to hear from Guinness World Records to see if their claim has been accepted.

Children helped plant the poppies Credit: Jonathon Stevens

"We are delighted and humbled at the effort that has been taken by Skylark Garden Centre into creating this live Poppy field in the shape of a Poppy. Since the end of the Great War the Poppy has become the emblem of Remembrance and by involving the local school children in this project it helps them to remember those that fell and hopefully the legacy is that our children and their children will carry on remembering those who sacrificed their lives for another 100 years. It is fitting that the Poppies have flowered in the week that marks the centenary of Britain going to war in 1914, maybe the Poppies knew the best time."

– Bryan Jones
The poppies in full bloom. Credit: Jonathon Stevens