Ten people in hospital overcome by fumes from BBQ used to keep house warm

Ten people have been taken to hospital after they were overcome with fumes from a barbecue which was apparently used to keep a house warm in Cambridgeshire.

Twelve people in total escaped from the house in Plantation Road in Sawston when the carbon monoxide alarm went off earlier this morning.

Ten of those twelve people had to be taken to hospital by ambulance.

Fire station commander Wayne Swales said using a barbecue indoors was "extremely dangerous"

He said: "Not only does it put the residents at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, but it is also a serious fire hazard.

"Luckily, this property was fitted with a carbon monoxide alarm, which alerted the residents to the situation so they were able to seek help.

"Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and we would urge residents to think about fitting a carbon monoxide detector in their properties."

– Wayne Swales, Fire station commander