Bletchley code-breaking machine to be used in school history lessons

The World War Two Enigma code-breaking machine. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The World War Two Enigma code-breaking machine at Bletchley Park is among a hundred artefacts chosen to reinvigorate school history lessons.

The British Museum has compiled the list to encourage school visits and bring history books to life by focussing on objects that played a crucial part in the shaping of our nation.

Also listed is the Sutton Hoo helmet in Suffolk, the Early Iron Age boat, Vivacity, in Peterborough and a chest belonging to the anti-slavery campaigner, Thomas Clarkson in Wisbech.

"I think it's a brilliant thing to happen for Bletchley Park and for all the children in all the schools in the country.

We already think that Enigma machines are a brilliant way of teaching children about maths and history and this is going to highlight that for us."

– Vicky Worpole, Bletchley Park