Double Donut Burger - indulgent or irresponsible?

Pub chain Hungry Horse, which is owned by Bury St Edmunds brewer Greene King, has been criticised for creating a burger which contains almost 2,000 calories.

The 'Double Donut Burger' consists of 1,996 calories (98% of a woman's recommended daily calorie intake) it also packs in 53g of saturated fat and 8.2g of salt.

Double Donut Burger Credit: Hungry Horse

The Double Donut Burger is made up of two beef burgers topped with melted cheese, four smoked streaky bacon rashers and BBQ sauce served in two grilled, glazed ring donuts.

Some nutritionists have criticised the dish calling it "irresponsible" and dubbing it "a heart attack on a plate". However, Hungry horse have defended the decision to add the burger tho their menu.

Our popular menu caters for a variety of tastes and appetites and includes everything from lower calorie options such as our hot chicken and bacon salad at 393 calories, through to the indulgent occasional treat such as our new Double Donut Burger.

All the nutritional information for our menu is available on our website and in our pubs, so that our customers are able to make informed decisions about what they choose to eat.

– Steve Jebson, Hungry Horse