Union raises fears over Essex nuclear plant

Bradwell Power Station Credit: PA

A leading union has raised safety and job fears over the technology to be used in a possible new nuclear power station.

The GMB has written to the Government and safety bodies saying it feared the Bradwell nuclear site in Essex could be handed over "lock, stock and barrel" to China's national nuclear corporation.

The Chinese could then use their own technology, and possibly bring thousands of workers to the UK, dealing a blow to this country's own nuclear industry, the union claimed.

National officer Gary Smith said in a letter to Energy Secretary Amber Rudd:

"The idea that a Chinese state company will be given a site in the UK, not far from London, where they can use Chinese labour to construct a reactor to be made in China and using Chinese components would in our view constitute economic madness and raises serious safety issues."

The Magnox power station at Bradwell is currently being decommissioned.