Kelvin Thomas completes Northampton Town takeover

Former Oxford United chairman Kelvin Thomas has completed his takeover of Northampton Town.

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Chief Executive: 'Northampton Town players unlikely to get paid on time'

The Northampton Town players may not get paid on time this month. Credit: PA

Northampton Town Chief Executive James Whiting has confirmed that a deal has been agreed to sell the club to former Oxford United chairman Kelvin Thomas - providing that he can also strike an agreement with the local Borough Council.

Mr Whiting also revealed that the club's players may not get paid on time this month.

It's after a Supporters Trust meeting was held last night (October 26).

"We really appreciate the support of everyone in these difficult times and I hope those who were there were able to gain more of an insight into the situation we face.

For those supporters who weren't able to attend, we were asked a direct question about whether the players and staff would be paid on Friday.

In the interests of honesty and openness and in the spirit of the meeting I gave a truthful answer to the meeting and asked for those there to keep that off social media until I had the chance to speak to the staff and players on Tuesday.

The situation is that because of the ongoing uncertainty it is likely that the wages will be paid late this month. I felt it was important to tell those concerned face to face rather than them read such information online and I would like to thank those who attended the meeting for respecting that.

As per the media reports, a deal has been agreed for Kelvin Thomas to buy the club from David Cardoza, subject to talks with Northampton Borough Council over the outstanding £10.25 million loan. If those talks go well and things get agreed, we should be able to move forward as a matter of urgency and we can ensure the players and staff are paid with the minimum amount of delay.

I would like to thank the players and staff for their continued professionalism and dedication in really difficult circumstances. Thanks are also due to the supporters for their loyalty and to all those fundraisers, volunteers and well-wishers who are all fighting for Northampton Town Football Club and we hope to have some confirmed, positive news regarding the future of the club and new ownership soon."

– James Whiting, Northampton Town Chief Executive

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