IPCC apologises for length of time taken to investigate Leon Briggs' death

Leon Briggs

The Independent Police Complaints Commissioner Mary Cunneen has apologised to Bedfordshire's PCC Olly Martins for the length of time it has taken to investigate the death of Leon Briggs.

"We are currently following up a few final enquiries and clarifying some information received so that we have all the relevant evidence needed to complete the report."

"Although it is necessary in the public interest to ensure that our investigation and the report on it is thorough, I would like nonetheless to apologise to those affected, in particular the family of Mr Briggs, but also Bedfordshire police and the officers under investigation, Luton Council and the wider community that our investigation has taken longer than I would have hoped. I would also like to provide assurances that we are committed to completing the investigation as quickly and thoroughly as possible."

– IPCC Letter

Bedfordshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Olly Martins has welcomed the letter.

"I'm grateful for this recognition from the IPCC that the investigation is taking a very long time, which is not helpful to anyone affected. As Ms Cunneen herself remarks, it has taken longer than she would have liked, or envisaged at the outset.

"Naturally, I want to see a comprehensive investigation undertaken, and accuracy should never be sacrificed for speed, but I also think that the family of Mr Briggs rightly feel that it is time that they had some answers. It is also important the plight of the suspended officers and staff and their families is not overlooked. They too are waiting for answers.

"In addition, I think that the taxpayer has a right to expect that the £24,000 per month cost associated with the suspension of officers and staff while they await the report, should be kept to a minimum.

"This is money that should be used for policing, whatever the findings of the IPCC, and while there must be accountability if there is any culpability, we need to know if this is the case or not. I think that patience is running out while people wait for the outcome of this investigation."

– Olly Martins