World's oldest surviving quads celebrate their 80th

A very special birthday cake! Credit: ITV News Anglia

The world's oldest living quadruplets have returned to their home town in Cambridgeshire to celebrate their 80th birthday.

Ann, Earnest, Michael and Paul Miles were born in St Neots seven weeks premature on 28th November 1935 and hailed a miracle.

The quads celebrating their 21st birthday Credit: Pathe News
The quads back in 1956 Credit: Pathe News

Today a 1930's-style party was held to celebrate the town's most famous celebrities.

The event, which was officially opened by the quads, was held at the St Neots Museum and featured an exhibition of 1930's toys and other items connected with babies and children from the era.

"Yes, I never thought I'd be 80, but we've got there. It's nice to see so many people, but there's not many faces I recognise, because I've been away, oh a long time, what? Thirty years, forty years, from St Neots - my brother is more. So, we don't recognise the faces, but we recognise the town."

– Ann and Earnest Miles