EU referendum in the Anglia region

Britain went to the polls on Thursday 23 June 2016 to decide whether to remain in or leave the European Union.

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Anglia region's MPs split over in-out vote on EU

Boris Johnson and David Cameron are on opposite sides of the EU debate. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

As the Prime Minister prepares to make his case to Parliament to stay in the European Union, MPs across the Anglia region are split on the issue.

David Cameron will make a statement in the House of Commons following his re-negotiation with other European leaders. It comes after the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson announced he would be fighting for Britain to leave the EU.

By floating your cursor over the map below you can see which way your MP is planning to campaign during the EU referendum although not all have yet declared or confirmed a position

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Of the 69 MPs in the Anglia region, so far 34 have indicated they will back the 'remain' campaign while 30 have opted to leave the European Union.

Most of the Conservative MPs in Norfolk and Suffolk are backing the 'remain' campaign, while in Northamptonshire and Essex most are part of the 'leave' side of the debate.

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