Work on a windmill that will power all the RSPB's offices is completed

Construction of the windmills in January 2016, Sandy, Bedfordshire Credit: ITV News Anglia

Work on two windmills, which will generate millions of units of green electricity per year, has been completed.

The two windmills are located at the RSPB's Headquarters in Sandy in Bedfordshire, and at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn.

The RSPB windmill will generate the equivalent to over half the electricity the RSPB uses across its 127 locations in the UK. It will also reduce carbon emissions by up to 800 tonnes every year.

Ecotricity has financed and installed the windmills, which will now produce affordable green energy at a discounted cost to the organisations.

Ecotricity pioneered this unique approach fifteen years ago, and its windmills currently power operations for Ford, Michelin, Sainsbury's and B&Q.