Laser is pointed at jet as it comes into land at RAF Lakenheath

The laser was pointed at a jet like this one pictured here Credit: RAF Lakenheath

RAF Lakenheath has confirmed that a laser light was pointed at an F-15E Strike Eagle jet as it was coming into land at the Suffolk base.

A spokesperson told ITV News Anglia that it wasn't pointed directly into the pilot's eyes, but it did appear to be coming from the ground.

The aircrew saw what they recognised as a laser reflecting off the aircraft and The Ministry of Defence was notified immediately. A patrol was dispatched to the known incident location.

A jet on the runway at RAF Lakenheath Credit: RAF Lakenheath

"Aiming a laser at an aircraft is a serious risk to flight safety. Many high-powered lasers can completely incapacitate pilots while flying. The irresponsible or malicious use of lasers can threaten the lives of aircrew, passengers, and even individuals on the ground should it result in an aircraft crash. It is also a criminal offence."

– Spokesperson, RAF Lakenheath