Families face paying more for IVF with less NHS fertility treatment available

Families face more for IVF as the NHS offers fewer fertility treatments. Credit: ITV News

More couples desperate to start a family may have to pay thousands of pounds for IVF because there's less fertility treatment available on the National Health Service.

Campaigners who are warning that fewer health boards are now offering all three recommended cycles of IVF, with some in the Anglia region even thinking about stopping routine funding for it altogether.

NHS watchdog NICE recommends that women under 40 should be offered three full cycles of IVF if they've been trying to conceive naturally for two years.

But their guidance isn't compulsory. According to research by campaign group Fertility Fairness - you'll only be entitled to one round of IVF if you live in Bedfordshire, Corby, Milton Keynes or the Nene CCG areas.

In Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and Herts Valley, you'll get two cycles. And in Luton, and East and North Hertfordshire, couples get all three cycles recommended by NICE.

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