UKIP's Carswell: "EU migrants currently living in the UK are welcome here."

Douglas Carswell speaking in the House of Commons during Prime Minster's Questions. Credit: PA Wire.

Clacton's UKIP MP has backed calls for parliament to make it clear EU citizens currently living in the UK are welcome here.

Douglas Carswell, an outspoken Vote Leave campaigner, is among more than 30 politicians, business leaders and academics who have signed a letter in the Sunday Telegraph today.

They say the reassurance "would also send a clear statement to the extreme minority – who appear to believe they have licence to attack and harass migrants – that the British public finds their views repugnant and unwelcome in our society".

"We would urge the government, opposition parties and every candidate standing to be the next Conservative Party leader – and hence Prime Minister – to make an unequivocal statement that EU migrants currently living in the UK are welcome here, and that changes would apply only to new migrants."

– From letter to the Sunday Telegraph.

Reports of hate crimes across the country have increased since the decision to leave the EU in last month's referendum.