Nearly half of care home staff in West Norfolk ordered to leave Britain

Video report by ITV Anglia's Matthew Hudson.

Nearly half the staff at a Norfolk care home have been ordered to leave Britain after the licence allowing them to work there legally was withdrawn.

Nine people from the Phillipines, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka have been given 60 days to leave Britain, having worked at the care home in Docking near Sandringham, legally, for years.

The UK Border Agency has revoked the Docking House's sponsor licence which gave permission for the workers to be there.

"Some of our staff have been with us for seven or eight years and after seven or eight years of loyal, hardworking, caring to the elderly in this community to lose them and not be able to replace them is catastrophic. We're in a crisis."

– Raj Sehgal, *angmoscg [A] 1:24 Name Strap RAJ SEHGAL Managing Director, Armscare Ltd

The care home owner says the vulnerable and elderly will be put at risk because it's almost impossible to recruit locally.

A Home Office spokesperson has given this response:

“Businesses that benefit from the immigration system must ensure they have robust compliance systems in place or risk losing their privilege to sponsor international workers.

“We continually monitor all sponsors on the register and we will take action where we believe there is evidence that a sponsor is not fulfilling all of its duties.”

– Home Office spokesperson
Baljinder Kaur has been working at the care home for 18 months and has until January 7 to leave Norfolk Credit: ITV News Anglia