Paralympic judo star Drane announces retirement

Jono Drane has announced his retirement. Credit: PA

Norfolk Paralympian Jono Drane has announced his retirement from judo.

The 29-year-old finished 5th in the visually impaired category in Rio.

He's since taken some time away from the sport and has made the decision to call time on his career because he doesn't want to go through another four-year cycle.

I had a bit of time off after the Games and looked at the fact that, with the injuries and the brief stint in the Wellness clinic, everything I put into the last year and a half, I can’t ever match that.

The main thing is if I was to do another cycle I’d be chasing social recognition. I’ve done everything I possibly can in the last cycle to get to where I was and regardless of results, everything went into it and we sometimes lose sight of the fact that things are relative.

Everything is focused on the medals but the essential thing is that if you feel you put everything into it, that’s all that matters.

For one day in my small world that I live in with my family and friends, I was a superstar, and there’s very few people who get to do that. It’s a very rich existence on my behalf and I wouldn’t be doing that if I stayed on. I’d be chasing other people’s external validation and I don’t think anybody should do that.

– Jono Drane