Fox trapped in "inhumane and cruel snare" in Suffolk

The fox trapped in a wire snare. Credit: RSPCA.

An animal charity has slammed the use of an "inhumane and cruel" snare after a fox was found hanging from the wires in Suffolk.

RSPCA inspectors believe it had been intentionally set up to catch foxes. It was 2ft off the ground on a wire fence in woodland off Barningham Road in Stanton, near Bury St Edmunds.

The animal was caught around the waist when he was discovered, meaning it did not cause serious injury, but could have resulted in far more suffering.

Chris Nice, an RSPCA inspector, said the fox would have starved to death if he had not been found. It took 40 minutes to cut it free.

"Snares can cause a huge amount of pain and distress and can be fatal. The use of them on animals is inhumane and cruel.

"People need to be aware that they leave themselves open to prosecution if they are using illegal traps or not setting and checking them correctly."

– Chris Nice, RSPCA.

The fox had a cut foot but was release back to the wild straight away to avoid causing it extra stress.