Couple and two dogs cut off by the tide on Norfolk coast

A couple and their dogs had to be rescued from the north Norfolk coast. Credit: ITV News Anglia.

A couple and their two dogs had to be rescued from the north Norfolk marshes last night after being cut off by the tide.

The pair had wandered out to East Hills, between Wells and Stiffkey, at about 4pm on Saturday.

But once the sun went down the couple became disorientated and could not find their way back.

By 10.26pm, the tide had trapped them and the RNLI lifeboat at Wells had to be called.

The crew, which headed out via Wells Quay, was guided by the couple's son who was able to point them in the right direction using a powerful torch.

All three, and their dogs, were taken back to the safety of the coastal path. A spokesman for the lifeboat crew said it was thought the family were visiting the area.

"Fortunately they had come to no harm and did not require any medical assistance."

– Wells Inshore Lifeboat.